University Programs

University Programs

The Xerox Research Centre India (XRCI) greatly values its relations with reputed universities and academic institutes in India. We aim to develop long-term mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with the faculties and students of the Indian academia by fostering advanced research and promoting university-industry academic exchanges.

We strive to build sustainable ecosystem by encouraging well-defined, researcher-to-researcher collaborative relationships between individual numerous resources faculty members as well as academic research groups and Xerox researchers. Most of our university programs require an active internal Xerox research collaborator who also acts as sponsor/nominator for Xerox funding.

Collaborative Programs

The goal of our collaborative research Initiatives is to establish strong partnerships with the university ecosystem and ensure open innovation as a means to respond to our changing world. Many of our world’s inventions have come from the universities, while academic communities are laying foundation for excellent research; we encourage them by supporting these innovations through our collaborative research programs.

Student Award Programs

At Xerox, we see the students as innovators of next generation, we just need to drive their passion and talent into right direction. Our student programs provide support through fellowships, scholarships, internships, and other opportunities.

Workshops & Conferences

Xerox Research Centre India hosts and supports top technical conferences and academic workshops in the areas of interest. Our goal is to foster collaboration and innovation by sponsoring and organizing technical events that bring the academic community together.