Health Care

Clinical Decision Support Analytics

The availability of digitized clinical data through Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in hospitals is increasing throughout the world. This data presents an unprecedented opportunity to study and gain deeper understanding of diseases, develop new treatments and improve healthcare ecosystems

Healthcare Text Analytics

Health textual data originate from a wide variety of heterogeneous textual data sources which include medical literature, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), patient narratives, social media health posts just to name a few. Much of healthcare text data remains hidden as unstructured data in the form of clinical notes, imaging reports, patient narratives etc. Mining these diverse data sources for actionable insights is the holy-grail of health informatics text analytics systems.

Non-obtrusive human body vital measurement and analysis using consumer-grade devices

Non-invasive and non-contact measurement of vital signs such as respiratory rate, respiratory pattern, pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, temperature and blood pressure is important both in clinical and well as home settings. With our research, we aim to use consumer grade devices with statistical signal processing techniques to enable accurate physiological signal sensing and assessment

Non-contact Breast Cancer Screening with Thermography

Breast cancer is the leading cancer incident among women, and contributes to around one-fourth of all cancers incident in women around the world. At Xerox Research, we are exploring automated assessment of thermographic images to enable better breast cancer screening facilities.

Persuasive Interventions for Medication Adherence

Non-adherence of medication has been estimated to affect the U.S. health care system between $100 billion and $289 billion annually in direct costs. At Xerox Research we wish to align a persuasion engine with our wellness advisor to personalize interventions for patients with specific chronic illness requiring life style changes and adherence to medication

InsideOut: A multi-modal Monitoring Platform for Consumer Centric Healthcare

In this project we develop a real-time monitoring framework which gathers and deduces user activities, health states and other vital contextual information using multiple modalities of sensors and devices, including smartphones, wearable devices, and infrastructure sensors such as Wi-Fi, workstation devices, etc.

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